Stock Photos or Custom content

Often when you go online, you start noticing that there are a few recurring photographs. LinkedIn tends to be one of the most common platforms that we see this! Why is that though, what are the benefits of stock photo as compared to custom photography for your brand?


When you need something quick, that gets your message across, stock photos are the easiest thing to grab and run with. Stock photos are inexpensive, and cover a range of different images and expressions, from the super mundane to the hyper specific content. Websites like Adobe Stock have a ton of options to help find exactly what you need, though others can use it too!


That last line may have stuck out a bit, "Other companies can use it too." Your venue, your staff, your products are most likely NOT going to be something that other people have. Because of this fact, sometimes custom content really has more weight than a stock photo. Custom content, such as what we at Charlie Horse Photos do for our clients in the Houston area, allows companies to showcase the specific things that they do.