How to pick a photographer

One of the hardest things to do in life is make a choice. As a photographer, it is a challenge to tell people that you are not the right person for an assignment. Be it a difference in style too drastic to overcome or a personality mismatch. Finding a photographer or finding a client that works well together is an essential part of creating images.


This is one of the things that we cannot easily fake! You have to find a person with a personality that fits you! Perfectionist and persnickety can be good for some people, but easy going and relaxed can be someone else's speed. When it comes to learning the fit of a photographer for your project I highly recommended meeting for coffee or lite bites to get a chance to visit and learn who you will be working with!


Before setting your coffee meeting with your photographer, I recommend building a Pinterest board and really learning what you want. When you know the style of shots, edits and angles that you're looking for finding a photographer who can put it together for you becomes easier. You wouldn't ask an editorial photographer to shoot something out of their wheelhouse, or a food photographer to take car photos.

In Conclusion

Find a photographer and get to know them! Make sure that you have a conversation about your goals for the photos as well as who you want to work with. these things help make sure that you get the images you want!