Posing - Thoughts

One of the skills that I’ve learned as a photographer that I’ve enjoyed the most has been learning how to help people pose. There is something amazing that happens when an individual learns the way and the why of how their body moves, and the portraits and headshots that come from that self-realization is fantastic. I’ve worked with models on commercial photography shoots as a Houston Photographer and with Influencers building content for their social media, and every time we explain the ‘Why’ of a pose they move from it with more confidence in their steps.

Posing - Know thyself!

The hardest part I find in posing is that it isn’t a one-man show. I cannot, to the dismay of some, tell you how to pose. I don’t see the way your body moves in the same way that you will see yourself. I cannot know all of the things that you may be insecure about, but I can help you take a pose for a photograph and make the suggestions that make it fit your intention. 

Posing - Tips and Tricks!

The quickest posing tips I give people is this.

1) Whichever shoulder is your preferred side to have forward, step forward and point the toe of that side to the camera.

2) Drop the shoulder

3) Put the other foot about 5 inches away, and at a 45 degree angle away from the camera

4) Stick your chin forward a little bit, like a turtle coming out of the shell (Not up, not down, not all the way out like you’re reaching!)

5) Smile like you just got great news. Maybe you saved on your car insurance or just nailed that meeting you left. 

How to Practice

What is important outside of the moment of the photo is to practice. You should not be afraid of the camera but play with taking selfies everyday to learn yourself! This is the main factor that separates fashion models appearing in photo campaigns for major brands from you. Practice. A while back I put together a brief video on posing practice for headshots, and I hope this helps you build the confidence you already have, but in front of the camera!

Closing Posing Thoughts

One of the key things I always try to stress with Charlie Horse Photos is that portraits, lifestyle images and headshots, all should be fun to take. If photography becomes tiresome, or a chore, then there has been a breakdown in communication!