What to do with photos after the shoot

One of the areas I’ve noticed people having the most challenge with is something interesting to me. What do you do with the photos after they’re done?

What are the photos being used for?

I like asking people the important question of “What are the photos being used for?” If they’re for social media, planning a single post, 3x posts or a larger series of posts, you can use something like Planoly or Hootsuite to map out and schedule the posts. Sometimes the photos are more for yourself, and less for the internet. These occasions I recommend having them printed, either on canvas, matte paper for framing or in a photobook that can be a coffee table book or kept as a part of your library. 

What do I recommend?

What do I recommend? Well, I love a photoprint. I feel like the difference of a hard-copy of an image is so much different from a digital. Being a tangible item creates a photo that comes across as much more “real” than a screen. This is true of books, canvas and glossy images. I personally print some of my favorite photos to place into frames and keep around the house.

What Digital?

Digital Photos are amazing for maintaining your online presence, as well as quickly sharing your life with friends and family all over the world. These images are the MOST common in my life, and I love helping make sure that the photo will be shared from you without any major losses from the Facebook or Instagram compression issues. 

Coming back to the question at the core here: What to do with Photos after the shoot? Enjoy them, share them with the people you want to see them and tell the story that went into the moments that made the photo!

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