Why update photos?

“Why update photos, the ones I have up now are fine!”

This is such an interesting question for me because so many people feel this way. I’ve been shooting in Houston for the last 6 years and what I have learned has been that everyone changes by increments. 


Why update your headshots? Because the changes that have happened to you in the last 3,6, or 12 months are more drastic than you may realize! Your workouts, your diet, everything you have done to better yourself is a subtle change but definitely noticeable! 

No one likes to walk into a meeting with someone to find that they’re not who they appeared to be. Be it business or personal, feeling catfished leaves a poor impression and potentially sours any further conversations!

Product Photos

If you’re creating products or photos for your influencer page or blog, making sure that the content looks like the current season is essential! Fall Photos and colorways in spring feel out of place! Ensuring that the content is relevant and updated helps your audience feel more connected to what you’re doing. Stylists are some of the most important people involved in a professional shoot. Why? Because they ensure your look sells you and your brand.


So, why update photos? Because telling the story of you is important, and ensuring that your story is on the right chapter is even more-so.